Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is usually preferred as a first step in discovering flaws in the security of systems. The reason is, it's generally faster that other forms of security assessment (e.g. penetration test), it's a structured and straight forward process, it can be executed with little knowledge by using more or less, well-known tools and it produces meaningful security results without being invasive or disrupting.

There is nothing bad with this! But usually, you windup with exhaustive lists of informational, warning and critical "vulnerabilities", alerts, daunting qualitative metrics and maybe, lack of proper knowledge on how to effectively mitigate the discovered flaws.

SpearIT makes a vulnerability scan procedure work as a security insights horizon rather than an ocean of obstacles.

Due to the complexity of business environments observed, SpearIT offers a "2-lane" vulnerability scanning service to match your various security needs. Have a look at the vulnerability scanning options below or use the security advisor to find the option that suits you:

Standard Vulnerability Scan Compliance Vulnerability Scan
Best Suited For
  • Quick overview of vulnerabilities
  • Basic insight in security status
  • Security Planning of Early System Development
  • Periodic monitoring of vulnerabilities
  • Complete vulnerability management
  • Mission-critical systems
Recommendations Standard Detailed
Detailed Technical Reports
False Positives Filtering
Scheduled Scanning
Critical vulnerabilities notification SLA
Mitigation Verification (rescan)
Context-aware scoring & Results Prioritization
Incremental reporting

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