Cybersecurity Assessments, Consulting & Compliance

Quality methods and technical expertise for the emerging cyber world.


Cybersecurity Assessments

Risk-based technical assessments, focusing on vulnerabilities and exploitation impact. and relying on three main cyber security factors: technology, people and processes.

Certified penetration testers and security analysts are the core of our cybersecurity assessment team. Following an ethical hacker's mindset, we provide you with clear visibility on your organization's strong and weak areas and mitigation pathways to reduce risk and maximize your security posture.


Standards Compliance

Compliance with standards has always been a cornerstone for organizational and enterprise security. Taking into consideration the current demanding security environment, SpearIT offers you complete compliance services against well-known and security and trust services standards.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Despite the fact that there are many frameworks and standards covering in-house IT security, security compliance with international entities, federal or legal legislations, there are common mandatory requirements which arise from the greater domain of information security (e.g. risk management, business continuity, disaster recovery, configuration management, etc). SpearIT offers you consulting services in various areas either in contractual or in an ad-hoc basis.


PKI & Trust Services Consulting

Digital certificates meet a continuously growing demand by enterprises and national organizations. As countries put continuous effort to minimize bureaucracy and achieve cross-border identification for citizens, seamless cross-border transactions and utilize qualified electronic signatures that act equally as a physical signature in court, strict and transparent compliance requirements arise.

Having perennial involvement in designing procedures for trust service providers as well as performing compliance audits, our PKI professionals can help you design a solid PKI infrastructure and achieve compliance under European and US regulations.

Workshops & Training

Deeply understanding that sharing is caring and having a mindset of knowledge transfer in our team, a training initiative was born to support this belief. Enhance your cybersecurity awareness by choosing training solutions designed by our certified professionals team, consisting of security engineers, tutors and service designers or contact us to design & plan a specific training session based on your needs.


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